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SPORTPRO by dormity

For the everyday athlete, who practices sport on a daily or weekly basis at a middle and/or semi-professional level, and needs an optimal rest. For an effective renewal..

dormity sportpro


The mattress has the latest HR NEXT core with profiling and firmness that provides perfect ergonomic support, on which has a Four Seasons visco layer added that adapts to different shapes and minimises areas of excessive pressure. In addition, it incorporates Outlast technology with adjustable thermal effect.


The padding is composed
OF visco, organic cotton.


It has a special textile
composition to which Purotex, Adaptive and Nanobionic
has been applied.


  • Helps recovery for an optimal performance.
  • Reduces perspiration eliminating moisture rapidly.
  • Helps movement so as to sleep without any interruptions
  • Provides a neutral thermal sensation.
  • Revitalises, regenerates and protects the skin.
  • Prevents the appearance or regeneration of allergens.

* Trademark SMART FIBER AG