Mattresses for athletes

The most advanced rest technology has been placed at the service of to design one of the major innovations in the sector: Dormity Sport, a mattress line for professional, amateurs and occasional athletes. Dormity Sport is designed for athletes who understand rest as a part of their training. Therefore, Dormity now provides this range of mattresses made for athletes for you.

The mattress range for athletes has the latest materials that facilitate muscle relaxation, accelerate the recovery process, regulate blood flow and improve sleep quality, which enhances the performance of those who demand the most from their bodies.

Why choose our mattresses? is already a benchmark in innovation within its sector and is situated at the forefront for research and development of products that improve the quality of life for people through rest.

At Dormity Sport, the company that manufactures rest systems, we have made use of the latest technology in the industry to design a line that brings together all of the benefits that sport lovers are looking for so as to obtain a regenerating rest. Muscle recovery is very important to promote the slow phases of sleep, something that can be achieved with an adaptable and ergonomic mattress like Dormity Sport, which offers sport lovers, whether professional (Sport MAX), amateur (Sport PRO) or occasional (Sport FIT), a design that promotes the regeneration of the body during rest.

SportMax Mattress:

helps with muscle renewal

The Dormity Sport MAX mattress, designed for athletes that train daily at an intense level, incorporates the latest HR Next technology in its inner core, with profiling and firmness that provide ergonomic support. It also has Dormity Breathair material, some buffer fibres that offer permeability to air and water that prevent sweating, and Four Seasons visco, a type of material that adapts to different body shapes and minimises areas of great pressure. Another prominent feature of the core in the Sport MAX is the incorporation of Outlast technology, certified by Nasa. This consists of a few micro-capsules that allow body temperature to be regulated continuously.

The composition of the padding is memory foam, organic cotton to favour absorption of moisture and a combination of zinc oxide (SmartCell treatment) with cosmetic effects.


SPORTMAX visco mattress

Before 2.325,00€ -1.162,50€

SportMax Mattress:

helps with muscle renewal

Amateur sport lovers have the Dormity Sport Pro mattress available, an ideal complement to daily or weekly training, which helps to regenerate the body and the mind.

This incorporates the latest HR Next technology in the core of the mattress to ensure perfect ergonomic support and on top of this there is a layer of Four Seasons visco that adapts to different shapes and reduces areas of high pressure.

Memory foam, organic cotton to absorb moisture, and zinc oxide with cosmetic effects (SmartCell) are the materials that make up the padding.


SPORTPRO visco mattress

Before 1.659,00€ – 995,00€


SportFit mattress:

Optimises the rest of occasional athletes

The Dormity Sport FIT mattress is specially designed for occasional athletes who need a proper rest at a medium practice and/or amateur level.

Its HR core has a layer of Four Seasons visco that allows it to adapt to the different shapes, allowing total adaptation even in areas of greater pressure.

The padding is made up from visco and zinc oxide.


SPORTFIT visco mattress

Before 1.242,00€ – 745,00€