Guarantee for rest systems.
The guarantee for moisture spots only covers the first 6 months from the delivery of the product, for all mattresses. If this is a manufacturing problem, these spots appear during the first 15 days or, at most, the first month. A stain after 6 months of mattress use can be due to many factors that are external to the product, as for example, humidity problems in the room, high sweating of the sleeping person or a misuse of the mattress.
Memory foam mattresses cannot be put on varnished or melanin bases, given that this type of bases favour the emergence of dampness in the mattress. They must be placed preferably on slat bases or upholstered bases. If they are placed on another type of surfaces, such as for example built in beds, tatami mats, etc., care should be taken to maximise the ventilation of the rest equipment, since these types of supports hinder the proper aeration of the mattress and moisture stains may appear.
In addition, none of our mattresses may rest on sprung bed bases.
Articulated slat bases are not valid for sprung mattresses.

The colours and shades shown may vary depending on the monitor in which they are displayed.
Memory foam mattresses may suffer from slight variations of firmness, depending on the starting material with which the product is manufactured. For this reason, two units of the same mattress model that is not purchased in the same order, may offer a different firmness feel, because they will be manufactured with different batches of material