With the advice of the Spanish Sleep Association


dormity.com is committed to by collaborating with projects that have an impact on improving people's quality of rest.

In this sense, it maintains a close collaboration with the Spanish Sleep Society, an entity that is the maximum exponent for the development of research and a driving force in Sleep Medicine in Spain.

Sociedad Española de Sueño

The scientific society brings together more than 300 professionals and researchers who are mainly from the field of medicine, psychology, biology and nursing.

As a result of the joint work, Dormity.com and the Spanish Sleep Society signed the first national edition of the "Rest Guide" developed by medical professionals, which bring together in its chapters habits and tips to improve health and quality of sleep in the population by age groups: adults, children, the elderly, and athletes. Download available in pdf format using the attached link.

Descargar Guía de recomendaciones para deportistas

Download the recommendation guide for athletes