What is dormity SPORT

dormitySPORT is a specially designed mattress line that ensures the best rest for athletes, as it incorporates the most advanced technology to help revitalise and regenerate their body while it is resting.

The dormitySPORT product range has been designed with the technical specifications to help improve the muscle renewal and recovery, regulate body temperature, reduce muscle pain and improve the quality of sleep.

A good rest is as important as training and diet for an athlete.

That is why, dormity, has developed a a range of SPORT mattresses, manufactured with ideal materials to regenerate the body while it rests, adapting the product to different shapes and concentrating on those more sensitive areas of the body so that they can recover.

dormitySPORT es la línea de colchones diseñada especialmente para garantizar el mejor descanso a los deportistas

What does dormitySPORT provide for an athlete’s rest?

dormitySPORT facilita la renovación muscular

It helps with muscle renewal

When we work muscles intensely, the muscular response is growth. But the process for the body to recover takes some time and, if we continue to work a muscle while it is recovering, it can dangerously wear it out.

The recovery process is essential to develop strength and muscle mass. While the muscles are in the recovery phase, they can not perform in the same way as in the previous training. It is therefore important to let the muscles fully recover before being subjected to intensive efforts again.

In the same way that there are food and vitamin supplements that help in muscle renewal, the ergonomics and morphology of the dormitySPORT mattress can be considered to be especially designed to make the body regenerate faster during the sleep process.

Regula la transpiración

2) Regulates perspiration

Sweat is the body’s natural cooling mechanism and is generally activated when it is hot or when you exercise.

Athletes sweat more than average, because their body has become more effective when eliminating excess heat.

But night sweating and an excess of moisture in the fibres can cause sleep disruption and discomfort.

dormitySPORT uses a special configuration in its materials materials that give them greater breathability to maintain an ideal body temperature and protect the skin, during the sleep process.

Propiedades antielergénicas

3) Anti-Allergenic properties

One of every five Spaniards, nearly 8 million people, have some type of allergy, , according Spanish Allergology and Clinical Immunology Society.

Dust mites are the most common allergens that often nest below the first layer of the mattress.

And although having an allergic disease should not be a factor that excludes practising sport safely, the unease that its symptoms cause adversely affects the athlete’s quality of life together with their performance.

For this reason dormitySPORT mattresses includes special materials and treatments that acts as a wide-spectrum disinfectant, destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, MRSA, etc.