Rest technology for the athlete

dormitySPORT mattresses incorporate the most advanced rest technology to improve muscle renewal and help the body to recover while sleeping.

  • HR NEXT Core
  • dormity Breathair Fiber
  • Four SeasonsVisco
  • Outlast Technology
  • ADAPTIVE Material
  • PUROTEX Technology
Núcleo NEXT con grafito blanco


The core of dormitySPORT mattresses is made up from a unique structure that contains white graphite among its materials. This is a component that helps to disperse heat thanks to its carbon composition. At the same time it absorbs and releases thermal energy that goes from a solid to a liquid and vice versa, maintaining a stable controlled temperature.

Fibras dormity Breathair

Dormity Breathair fibres

BREATHAIR® is a washable buffer material, with excellent durability, whose fibres are arranged in a complex three-dimensional structure that offers:

Permeability to the air,
Buffer characteristicspermeability to water, durability, safety and antibacterial properties.

Mattresses made withBREATHAIR® prevent sweating and this makes it easy to move and turn over in bed at night.

Visco Four Seasons

Four Seasons Visco

Innovative polyurethane foam that adapts to different shapes and minimises areas of excessive pressure. . Cannot be deformed, adapts to the body and has a spring effect.

Tecnología Outlast

Outlast® Technology

Outlast® technology for body thermoregulation , has received the seal of the the “Space Technology CertificateTM” from NASA, for its efficiency in achieving a suitable control of humidity and the body temperature..

It is based on the use of some materials that we call phase change, which are like capsules that absorb heat, store it and release it when you need it.

These micro-capsules allow the temperature to be regulated continuously, so if the skin overheats, the heat is absorbed, and if it cools the stored heat is released.



This is a system that absorbs heat energy emitted by the body and transforms it into infrared rays that have the ability to penetrate into the body and help it with its recovery:

Regulates blood flow
It helps with muscle relaxation
Accelerates the recovery process
Acts beneficially on the skin
Improves the quality of sleep

Tecnología PUROTEX

PUROTEX Technology

Purotex: Unique patented technology. Includes pro-biotic microencapsulated bacteria that act like a barrier and cleanser of harmful bacteria.

That is to say the mattress fibre is made up by some "good" bacteria that absorb moisture and eliminate harmful bacteria.