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With more than 20 years in the rest industry, David Sánchez Farrán founded the trademark dormity in 2009 . As of today, the company has a network of 40 points of sale (search for the nearest store), it is positioned as a benchmark in the rest industry and is a leader in Catalonia..

In 2014, in its commitment to innovation and technology, and with an investment of nearly €2M decided to start up its own factory for rest systems in Rubí, Barcelona, in order to be able to control the entire manufacturing process. This starts with the selection of the material, being able to constantly develop, carefully looking after the production chain, caring for the delicacy of finishes, and at the same time offering the cheapest price, direct from the factory and without any middlemen.

The company also has its own logistics centre in Terrassa with a surface area of 6,500 m2, equipped with the most advanced innovative technological systems.

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dormity collaborates
with the Spanish Sleep Society (SES)

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